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Who is Parminder?

Parminder Nagra, who stars as CIA agent Meera Malik on high-action government crime thriller The Blacklist, is well known for her role as Neela Rasgotra on the long-running American medical drama, ER.
Nagra, who was born in Leicester, England, became a professional actress at the age of 17. She has built an extensive list of credits in feature films, theatre and television. Nagra made her feature film debut starring as Jess in the critically acclaimed film Bend It Like Beckham.
Nagra was honored at the 2004 Young Hollywood Awards with the Breakthrough Actress Award.
She currently resides in Los Angeles, and, according to her Twitter biography, is "a proud mom, who acts a bit".

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Television Academy hosts an evening with The Blacklist

Posted on Apr 7th, 2014 • Posted by Jess in Gallery ,The Blacklist0 Comments

A few days ago the Television Academy hosted an evening with The Blacklist attended by Parminder and her co-stars James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Harry Lennix, Hisham Tawfiq, Amir Arison and executive producer John Fox.

I have uploaded 25 pictures of Parminder at the event in the gallery, thanks to my friends Courtney and Ann.

Here is the panel for you to watch in case you were not able to follow the livestream.

- Appearances and Events > 2014 > April 2nd: Television Academy hosts an evening with The Blacklist

New layout!

Posted on Mar 10th, 2014 • Posted by Jess in Website0 Comments

I have put up a new layout both here and on the gallery. I wanted a slightly brighter design and Kimberly did just that for me.

I’m still working on tidying up a few errors, so bare with me.

James Spader talks The Blacklist future: ‘It could air for 7 years’

Posted on Feb 26th, 2014 • Posted by Jess in News and Rumours ,The Blacklist0 Comments

This isn’t strictly Parminder news, but it’s a good article on The Blacklist, so I thought I would share it.

James Spader has opened up about the future of The Blacklist.

Spader plays criminal mastermind ‘Red’ Reddington on the hit NBC drama, which was picked up for a second season back in December.

Speaking to Digital Spy and others, Spader revealed that he does not know much about Red’s future or series arc.

“I work with the writers very closely on this show but one thing I don’t do is push for information beyond what I need to perform the story at hand,” he explained.

“Depending on its lifespan, the stories may have to evolve and develop in ways that you never imagined. The show could be [on the air for] two years or it could be seven.”

Spader added that The Blacklist needs to remain “fluid” and “cannot survive stagnancy”.

“It has to be able to change,” he argued. “So to nail down the creative forces behind this show to specifics that may not come to light ’til six years from now I think is a foolish endeavour – ultimately it would be an exercise in futility!”

The Emmy winner, who will also play the eponymous villain in The Avengers: The Age of Ultron, said that he does not see Red as good or bad.

“He’s a very dangerous man who’s fun to spend time with,” Spader said. “I don’t know if the good in him or the bad in him will win out in the end.”

The Blacklist will resume its first season on Friday, February 28 at 9pm on Sky Living.

Source: Digital Spy.

The Blacklist UK return date

Posted on Feb 21st, 2014 • Posted by Jess in News and Rumours ,The Blacklist0 Comments

According to the Sky website, The Blacklist will return on Friday, February 28th. As usual, it will air on Sky Living at 9pm.

The wait is over, as The Blacklist returns to Sky Living HD at 9pm on February 28th. The debut season of the US thriller returns from a brief hiatus with more schemes, high-octane pursuits and, yes, a new selection of fedoras.

Master criminal Raymond Reddington hasn’t been seen by the FBI since the traumatic hold-up by Anslo Garrick. Spooked to discover Garrick was in fact the ‘hired help’ and an altogether nastier piece of work, Red has embarked on a solo mission to sniff out the Bureau’s mole.

Inside the agency, the team face a vigorous internal inquiry to locate the leak. The leash is loosened, though, when a serial killer Liz failed to catch years earlier, The Good Samaritan comes out of retirement. Cooper agrees to let her investigate, but only because placing the agent in certain danger might draw Red out from the shadows.

ER Season 10 episode stills and promotional image

Posted on Feb 20th, 2014 • Posted by Jess in ER ,Gallery0 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates around here, my offline life got a little hectic.
Tonight I have added 14 HQ stills from Parminder’s first ER episode to the gallery. I’ve also added 1 HQ group promotional image to the gallery.

The Blacklist’s Parminder Nagra on playing lovely hard-ass CIA Agent Meera Malik

Posted on Jan 20th, 2014 • Posted by Jess in News and Rumours ,The Blacklist0 Comments

Parminder Nagra plays the tough-as-nails CIA agent, Meera Malik on NBC’s The Blacklist. She surprised us all when she used some brute force while interrogating a suspect in one episode. That was our introduction to Meera. She asked a question and we said “OUCH!” In a recent press conference call, Parminder talks about her character and working on The Blacklist.

Read more…

‘The Blacklist’ star talks about good role that lets her be bad

Posted on Jan 20th, 2014 • Posted by Jess in News and Rumours ,The Blacklist0 Comments

Parminder Nagra is used to playing a kick-ass character.

In her feature film debut, she starred as an Indian girl whose parents wanted her to pursue a traditional life course of learning to prepare food and marrying the right man. But her dream was to play soccer in “Bend It Like Beckham.” (She starred opposite Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.)

In NBC’s hugely popular “ER,” she cut with the best of them as surgeon Neela Rasgotra for 129 episodes of NBC’s hit drama and later played another physician, Dr. Lucy Banerjee, in 13 episodes of the short-lived series “Alcatraz.”

Now, she’s agent Meera Malik on NBC’s hit drama “The Blacklist.” It’s another strong female character, and she’s loving every minute of it, she said in a recent teleconference.

“And playing a bad-ass character, I have to say I am enjoying it probably a bit too much sometimes,” said the native of England who lives in Los Angeles and has one child.

“It’s very empowering. I love it. I really, really do enjoy playing such a strong female character. It’s nice. And you don’t get a lot of those parts, especially on TV for women that are so strong.”

The 5-foot-3-inch British actress got the job because she is able to play “both warm but also formidable,” according to executive producer-writer Jon Bokenkamp.

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